The Bourbon Vanilla Label

The Bourbon Vanilla Label

The Bourbon Vanilla Label


The Bourbon Vanilla Label : Vanilla, native to Mexico, is a spice made from the fruit of tropical liana orchids of Mesoamerican origin. The Aztecs used vanilla beans to sweeten the bitterness of chocolate. Many people mistakenly refer to all varieties of vanilla as « bourbon vanilla » thinking that this refers to the quality of the vanilla. This has created a preconceived notion over time.

And yes! Contrary to popular belief, the term « bourbon » does not refer to the quality of vanilla, but to the variety of vanilla found in the Indian Ocean: « Vanilla planifolia ».

The creation of the label

The term vanilla bourbon is part of the creation of a label. Indeed, vanilla bourbon is a label created in 1964 to differentiate the vanilla of the variety vanilla planifolia located in the Indian Ocean from other vanillas. The label vanille Bourbon is, in fact, created to differentiate the productions of vanilla planifolia type compared to the Mexican or Tahitian productions of vanilla.

Indeed, the vanilla variety « vanilla planifolia » originating from India, Indonesia or Congo, cannot benefit from the label vanilla bourbon, even if the variety of vanilla which grows in these countries is of type « vanilla planifolia ».

Why this label?

Because only the islands of Reunion also called Bourbon Island, Madagascar, Comoros Archipelago, Mauritius or Seychelles have the right to use the name « Vanilla Bourbon ». Therefore, all the countries of the Indian Ocean cannot use this name for their vanilla.

The black bourbon vanilla from Vanilla Planifolia is reputed to be the best vanilla in the world. For example, Madagascar bourbon vanilla comes from the vanilla planifolia variety and holds the designation of bourbon vanilla as it comes from the vanilla production located in the Indian Ocean area. Vanilla planifolia is the most commercialized vanilla in the world.

This variety of vanilla is an excellent quality vanilla, soft, black-brown with a warm aroma and a delicate touch of cocoa. The appearance of a vanilla bean is fat, fleshy with a brown color. This species is one of the most important vanillin content. Mavany offers you an excellent value for money on this variety of vanilla which can be used in many appetizers, appetizing desserts and gourmet recipes. It is an essential and universal product.

The two other types of vanilla that can be marketed are not included in the Bourbon vanilla designation since they do not come from the Indian Ocean and are not from the « Vanilla Planifolia » variety.

As the label designates the variety of vanilla and not the quality of the vanilla, it is also important to distinguish between the variety of vanilla and the different classifications of vanilla.

The Bourbon Vanilla Label
The Bourbon Vanilla Label

The different qualities of vanilla

Black vanilla is a premium vanilla, which has a very high quality, high vanillin content and the highest moisture content.
Brown vanilla, also called Tekka vanilla, TK, T4, is a quality vanilla, its color tends to brown and has a good vanillin content.
The red vanilla has smaller pods and reveals an attractive quality-price ratio since the vanilla has a strong chocolate and floral aroma. The moisture content is also lower than bourbon vanilla. Red vanilla is not a quality vanilla, but it is still attractive for making vanilla extracts or rum.

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