Where can I get vanilla beans from Madagascar?

Where can I get vanilla beans from Madagascar

Where can I get vanilla beans from Madagascar?

Where can I get vanilla beans from Madagascar ? Since 2010, Le Comptoir de Toamasina is the French vanilla specialist. We are the specialist in the purchase of vanille de Madagascar and vanilla from Papua.
The first French importer of vanilla from Brazil. Le classement de la meilleure vanille au monde
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What is the best way to get vanilla from Madagascar?

Vanilla is the finest spice in the world. It can be used in both savory and sweet dishes. In terms of quality, aroma and taste, Madagascar vanilla is a great value for money.
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Technology in the world of vanilla 

Today, Brazil is crossing vanilla species to have a better quality vanilla and especially with a flavor and a vanillin content much higher than vanilla planifolia.
In Madagascar, vanilla is cultivated with traditional methods. It has no technology.  The pollination of orchid flowers is done by hand with no insects can do it.
In Brazil, we wonder if the hummingbird and some ants can not do it as for the acai.
Discover our article what is the açai.
The number of workers is important during the harvest because it is necessary to harvest the vanilla when it is ripe, because it is during the last week that the vanilla tree will give all the aromatic power of the pod.
The next step consists in practicing the preparation of vanilla with the stages of scalding and drying.
This is a traditional method, see our article on how vanilla is prepared?
This operation requires a lot of time and a lot of people. It takes at least 3 to 4 months to prepare vanilla beans.
Madagascar vanilla can be purchased online at Comptoir de Toamasina since 2013
The opening of our site corresponds with destination vanilla of Thalassa, the report on Le Comptoir de Toamasina and its vanilla road.

There are a few things consumers should know about the cultivation of vanilla in Madagascar

When purchasing this item, the customer must be careful.
The vanilla should be shiny and of a black and brown color.
Never buy on a website a wild vanilla that comes from Papua. Because the wild vanilla of Papua does not exist and only Brazil will have wild vanilla plants. Come to know our Dubia vanilla from Brazil.
A vanilla of Madagascar Prestige, vanilla of Madagascar gold medal in red quality does not exist. At the last Agriculture show we saw in 2020 the vanilla of Tahiti.
The best Madagascar vanilla bean is gourmet quality.
Discover our article on the classification of vanilla.

Where can I get vanilla beans from Madagascar

Variations in Madagascar Vanilla Shades and Flavors
In Madagascar vanilla, there are intense chocolate and vanilla notes. This is characteristic of planifolia vanilla.
When buying vanilla, be sure that no liquid escapes from the pod when you squeeze it. This is vanilla that has been improperly prepared.
In Madagascar, you can buy three grades of Bourbon vanilla ;
  • Gourmet quality vanilla
  • TK quality vanilla
  • Vanilla of red quality
You should know that there are about 400 gourmet vanilla beans in 1kg.
If you are wondering how many beans of Madagascar prestige red vanilla or Madagascar split red vanilla in 1kg we are 1000.
So at $250 per kilo, sellers are making a good profit.
Comptoir de Toamasina only wants to offer you fat, velvety and fleshy vanilla beans are some of the characteristics of the gourmet or premium vanilla that we offer since 2010.
It is good to know that red vanilla is available in two varieties: the European red type and the American red type. Discover the classification of the US vanilla.

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